Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck of the Irish!!!

On this fantastic Saint Patrick's Day, I've managed to dust off a recipe from my childhood that I loved! We nicknamed the salad "green stuff," because we didn't know what else to call it and Watergate Salad, was just too hard for us to use to refer to this yummy green salad. My mom used to make this and, we LOVED it! I believe she got the recipe from my grandmother, and I bet her kids loved it, too!!!

Well, I was trying to find some "green" recipes for today, besides my green waffles (which my oldest two loved and my oldest son wouldn't try because of the uncommon tint) and came across this recipe. Lo and behold...I've managed to locate a green salad my kids will actually enjoy!!! Oh, lucky day! Well, I guess there isn't much NOT to like, with whipped cream, marshmallows and pudding...hmmm...what am I doing? Is there any nutritional value in this salad at all? Well, there are crushed pineapples, and if you choose, chopped pecans, guessed it 1/4 C of pureed wheat berries. So, this dessert-tasting salad is laced with B vitamins and fiber! So, it isn't my "typical" green salad, but for this green-loving works for me!!!

Green Stuff

8 oz. whipped topping (thawed in the refrigerator, so it isn't frozen)
1 pkg. pistachio pudding
1 C mini marshmallows
1/4 C wheat berry puree (cooled) (check out "Ways to Use Your Wheat" on this blog for detailed instructions on how to make the puree)
1 C crushed pineapple (drained)
1/2 - 1 C crushed pecans (optional, I just sprinkled them on top for my non-nut-loving family)

Mix all the ingredients and chill until ready to serve. TaDa!!! A nice green salad for your Saint Patty's Day festivities!!!

I'll repost the crepe recipe in a couple of days. I want that one to be front and center when I post it and, seeing as how this is St. Patrick's Day, my green recipe had to be front and center for now. Don't worry, if you were eyeing the crepes, thinking you just must make those and just didn't get around to copying it, it will be coming back soon!!!

Insiders: Sugar-Crusted Grape Salad on page 37 of your cookbook is also a perfect "green" salad to help celebrate this festive day. Just be sure to use green grapes! Oh, and if you decide you want this a little sweeter...I've accidentally added the brown sugar when I combined the white sugar, vanilla, cheese and sour cream and then sprinkled brown sugar on top and it was divine! I'll post a picture of this salad very soon with some other options to make it lighter and healthier!!!

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