Monday, November 29, 2010


Remember that Turkey Soup Continental I told you about that uses the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Well, here's a picture of it. We had it tonight. This one is loaded with fiber and B vitamins because I added the puree to it. Notice there is NO texture change??? My kids and husband devoured it and raved about it, telling me I should make it more often. They loved it so much and I loved knowing how healthy it was for them!

P.S. Just wait...this week I'm going to post the cutest idea using my whole wheat chocolate cake. They are the cutest reindeer cupcakes. We made them tonight and my kids honestly thought they were just a blast! Even my 3 year old was able to make them and even his was just adorable. Afterward, we took them to a soldier and his family that we know. So...we had fun together and then performed some service...what a great night!!!


  1. Is that soup otherwise known as swan soup? We just had that tonight and we all loved it! Next time we'll try to add the good stuff.

  2. YES!!! I didn't know how well Swan Soup would sell!!! We just had it last night, too! Good night for it, huh, right after Thanksgiving when you don't know what to do with all that turkey. Stacey, did you know that was in my cookbook?