Monday, June 21, 2010

What do I do with pureed wheat berries...

Well, for one can put them in smoothies and boy oh boy do I have some yummy smoothie recipes!!! The puree makes them creamier, smoother and HEALTHIER! Are they high in vitamins, YES. Are they low fat...YES! Are they high in sugar...yes...unfortunately. Are they high in fiber YES! So, if you make them this way, they are better for a dessert. To make them healthier, add more fruit and omit the sherbet.

One big tip...before you make the smoothies, even if you buy the fruit fresh, FREEZE THE FRUIT! It is SO much better than adding ice.

The picture is of Christian's Orange Zing and it is wonderful! I'm actually going to give you a recipe that I demonstrated for a bunch of women I know. They loved it and so will you!!!

Fantastic Raspberry-Orange
1½-2 C raspberry juice (can use plain raspberry juice or any raspberry juice blend...I like the white grape/raspberry blend)
1 banana
1 C orange sherbet
1 C raspberry sherbet
1 C strawberries
1 C raspberries
½ C wheat berry puree
ice to desired consistency.

Add all ingredients and blend until smooth.

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