Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Living Necklaces...

Corny, I know, but my kids thought they were really cool. It really wasn't my idea, my oldest did this at a farm and she watched it grow every day. So, at home, we made "living necklaces" with my kids and the neighbor kids and they thought they were pretty neat.

All you do is buy cheap sandwich baggies (I got them at the dollar store). Cut a large triangle that includes one of the corners. Put a few drops of water on a cotton ball (enough to make it slightly damp). Put 1-2 kernals of wheat and the damp cotton ball in the corner of the triangle. Tie the necklace off with some pretty ribbon (I also got mine at the dollar store). Use some rope or ribbon and tie it around the ribbon and then in a big loop to go around your child’s neck. Now, for the next few days, they can watch the wheat kids thought it was pretty cool.

Check out tomorrow's post for a fun is what you need:
5-6 pieces of whole wheat bread
4 eggs
brown sugar
white sugar
Just a note: my sister-in-law made the Whole Wheat Barley Flax Pancakes and realized she didn't have any eggs or milk. So...she improvised and used egg replacement (Ener-G) and soy milk and she said they were great! Why is this so great...because they are both able to be stored at room temperature. You can store them and then have all the ingredients whenever you want to make the pancakes!!! Way to go Mel!!!

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