Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jelly Bean Bracelets

Yep...no whole grains in this one...just a whole lot of fun! These are so easy and my kids LOVED making them. I had to make my sons' bracelets because I didn't want them using needles, but my girls thought making these bracelets was the coolest thing since sliced bread...and you know how much we love bread!

You'll need:

Elastic Thread...I bought .5 mm/.019 in elastic thread (from a craft store)
jelly beans

The directions are obvious. Thread the needle with the elastic thread, making sure to knot the end that will hold the jelly beans. Poke the needle through the jelly beans until you've got the right length for your child's wrist. Cut the thread and knot it...finished! We even made these for our nephews because they were so easy and they loved them, too!

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