Thursday, February 23, 2012

cucumber sandwiches

So, I have to be honest here. I am NOT a cucumber lover. I know many people think they have a fresh, summer flavor, but I'm not in that camp. I just don't love them. So, what do I do if I get them, two HUGE ones, in my Bountiful Basket? Well, I could slice them and put them on a salad, which is what I'm going to do later tonight. I'm also going to make gyros with some of it tomorrow (recipe on this blog). I made something that was so light and so healthy that I LOVED having it for lunch! I made cucumber sandwiches. They are SO easy and so yummy!

I used my favorite baguette recipe found here: divine vegetarian sandwiches, and by the way, I'm making those divine sandwiches tonight. I need to tell you, I double this baguette recipe every time I make it now because my family loves it so much. I use these baguettes for the artichoke basil pesto sandwiches for us and cheese sandwiches for my kids and now for cucumber sandwiches for my lunch.

Cucumber Sandwiches

8 oz. softened cream cheese (I used light cream cheese)
1 pkt. dry Italian dressing (I use the whole packet, but if you don't want it that strong, reduce the amount a little)
cucumber slices
whole wheat baguettes

Prepare baguettes according to instructions. While baguettes are baking, mix Italian dressing and cream cheese. Spread cream cheese mixture on warm baguettes with a slice of cucumber. Easy, Simple, Delicious.

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