Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mallow Finale!!!

Okay, for the finale of my home-made marshmallow week, I'm going to give out my new favorite marshmallow flavor. It is carmel and it is truly divine. You haven't lived until you have had carmel hot cocoa...mmmmm. Anyway, here is the week, back to whole grains for the holidays, but for now...enjoy your home-made marshmallows!!!

Carmel Marshmallows

Follow directions for Perfectly Whipped Fluffy Peppermint Marshmallows EXCEPT substitute crushed Werthers candies for the peppermint candies. Just as you did with the other candy marshmallows...sprinkle a little bit of the leftover pulverized Werther's on top. These are truly wonderful.

I'm planning to do some Christmas baking stay tuned. Also, I didn't have pictures of those wonderful dips (Buffalo Chicken Chip Dip and Spinach Artichoke Dip the last time I posted the recipe, but now I watch for those. Both of these recipes can have whole grains added easily to them by adding in pureed wheat berries with no texture or flavor why not add them and get your whole grains and fiber??? can just make the whole wheat baguettes and serve those with the dip!!!

Oh and remember my cookbook is on sale through the holidays. And...if you would like a signed copy, just email me at and send me a $15 check (that includes the shipping) made out to Suzie's Sweet Wheat or to Sueann Allen and I"ll send you a book right away. I know that sounds strange and it feels strange to offer autographed copies, but some people have asked for them.

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