Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Did you know?

Have you ever gone to make cornbread, or another recipe and been out of corn meal? This used to happen to me frequently because my cornbread recipe calls for quite a bit of corn meal, so I go through it quickly, but I use it rarely (only when I have cornbread), so I don't think to replace it. Well...the last time I went to make it, I was out...again. However, I had been told that if you have a wheat grinder, you can grind unpopped popcorn kernals and make cornmeal. Well...I tried it and it worked!!! I have the Wonder Mill wheat grinder (same as the Whisper Mill). I am assuming you can do this with other wheat grinders as well, but always check your manual. Anyway, I thought this was kind of cool.

Oh, FYI...Sam's Club has bulk popcorn VERY cheap!!! Popcorn has LOTS of fiber and very few its a perfect snack. So, buy in bulk, save money, lose weight and don't stress if you are out of cornmeal!!!

Oh and for those of you who have my cookbook...the cornbread recipe is GREAT! We LOVE it!!! I've given it to LOTS of people and so far, EVERYONE has loved it!

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