Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amaranth Waffles

Okay, so why the push for other grains? Isn't this a whole wheat website? Of course it is! That is why almost every single recipe has whole wheat in it. However, I decided to look into other grains because of the fact that each grain has its own unique health benefits. I know I keep stating this, but it is true...getting a variety of grains is SO GOOD FOR YOU! Remember, the American Heart Association recommends a variety of grains. Anyway, I've already told you all of this AND I've told you the health benefits of amaranth. So, here is a great waffle recipe which is 100% amaranth flour (a gluten-free flour). By the way, you could substitute all or part of the amaranth flour with whole wheat flour, but I thought it would be great to have a gluten-free waffle for those of you who are or who know someone allergic to gluten.

Amaranth Waffles

2 C amaranth flour
1 T baking powder
¼ tsp salt
2 T brown sugar
3 eggs separated
1 ¼ C milk
2 T oil

Mix flour, baking powder, salt. Add egg yolks, brown sugar, milk and oil and beat until smooth. Beat egg whites to soft peaks. Fold egg whites into mixture. Bake in greased waffle iron until golden brown. Serves 4-5 people.

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  1. This recipe is a real winner! I added some vanilla and stevia to the wet ingredients, so I'd be tempted to use less syrup/agave on it. Yum!