Monday, June 7, 2010

Why is Cracked Wheat So Great???

First of all, you don't need a wheat grinder to crack wheat or cook with it. Second, it takes only seconds to prepare. Third, you get all the health benefits of the wheat. Fourth, you can use it in SO MANY WAYS!!!

So, how do you crack doesn't get much easier than this.

Preparation of Cracked Wheat

• Cracked wheat is easily prepared by putting whole wheat kernals in a food processor or blender and turning it on to “crack” the wheat. You can make it finer by “cracking” it longer. If you have too much ground wheat powder, you can use a wire mesh strainer to get rid of some of the powder.
• Some wheat grinders will crack wheat for you.

I know, I know...that was tough, right???

So, what do you do with it???

The easiest thing is to make the cheapest, healthiest breakfast you've ever had. Stay tuned!!!
Keep that cracked wheat ready to use tomorrow!!!

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