Monday, June 7, 2010

Try this out tomorrow morning...its quick, easy and couldn't be healthier!!!

This is sure to be one of the healthiest, cheapest cereals you have ever had...and it tastes great, too!!!

Cracked Wheat Cereal
Spray crockpot lightly with oil. Add 4 C water and 1 C cracked wheat (follow instructions in the front of the book). Cook on high for one hour and then decrease to “keep warm” for the rest of the night. You will wake up to fabulous cracked wheat cereal! You can sweeten it to fit your individual taste.

Note: You can also cook the cracked wheat cereal on the stove, but it is not as creamy as the crockpot. To cook it on the stove bring 3-4 C water and 1 C cracked wheat to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Watch closely and add more water if needed. It is done when the wheat is soft. This will make about 3 servings.

Add your favorite mix-ins (berries, maple syrup, etc.) sweeten as you like and you are done. Thought oats were the only hot breakfast around...think again! You'll love what this little cereal can do for your budget!!!

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