Friday, June 4, 2010

A Tip for your Bread Dough

Ever find that your dough starts to dry out while it is rising. You may find that you are trying to knead the dry surface into the moist parts of the dough. To avoid this problem, use a damp towel to cover your dough when it is rising. This will keep it nice and moist!

By the way, I realized I didn't attach a picture of the cookies. Tomorrow, I will make them again and attach the recipe again and the picture. My sister informed me that the picture recipe is in a bit of an odd spot...after sprouting wheat. I am going to put it in a more obvious post tomorrow, along with a picture of the cookies.

Have you ever wondered what Bulgar wheat is??? I'll teach you how to make Bulgar coming up!!! Also, for those of you growing wheatgrass...I'll show you a grinder I use and how to grind it. Stay tuned!!!

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