Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Compare Wheat Grinders...

I decided to do a wheat grinder comparison so that those of you out there that are having difficulty deciding if you really want to spend the money on a wheat grinder, will have an easier time actually deciding on which machine to purchase. It seems to me that each of the following wheat grinders, I've chosen four, can grind the same types of food, with a few variations. This includes all dry grains. I’m unsure about the Bosch, but I believe the rest can grind beans as well, you’ll have to read the manual before using. None of them can grind oily foods like flax. They can each grind from fine to coarse flour. There are a few distinguishing characteristics of each one. I’m going to try to highlight just the differences of each one to make your choice between them a little easier.

The WonderMill claims to be the quietest and fastest flour mill available. The WonderMill is extremely easy to use. The WonderMill is UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada), and CE (for Europe and UK) certified and is apparently the only machine that has passed the testing to receive these certifications. The WonderMill allows you to grind over 100 pounds of flour in an hour. It has a 1250 watt motor. The cost of a WonderMill ranges from $240-$280. I personally have a WonderMill and I LOVE it. It works so well and grinds SO FAST! The only drawback is that you do HAVE to have it on if there is wheat in the hopper, or it will jam up and require service. I grind beans, corn, every kind of grain including millet and quinoa…I LOVE this mill!

The Nutrimill apparently has the broadest spectrum of texture settings. It can grind flour finer than any other wheat grinder. Nutrimill claims to have a 400% adjustment range for flour texture, which is apparently 10 times greater than other wheat grinders. Nutrimill also has the largest hopper, allowing you to grind 20 cups of flour at one time!!! I can grind about 8 in my WonderMill. Apparently the Nutrimill also operates without creating dust all over your kitchen.

One big plus of the Nutrimill is that you can put grain in before you turn it on and if it happens to come unplugged while milling, it will restart without any problems. Most wheat grinders will jam up if you do not turn it on first and if they come unplugged while milling, will jam up and need to be serviced…I know this personally! The Nutrimill ranges from $240-$300. I have never used a Nutrimill, but I know it is supposed to be a great machine.

Blendtec, or the K-Tec Kitchen Mill can grind 90 pounds of wheat in an hour. It is a smaller flour mill, making it easier to store, and yet has great grinding capabilities. This is a great little wheat grinder that is also easier on the budget. I have a friend that has the wheat grinder and she LOVES it. This one is much cheaper ranging from about $180- $205.

The Bosch wheat grinder attachment can fit all Bosch stand mixers (with model numbers beginning with MUM 4)…making it an all-in-one machine. I’m going to focus on the grain grinder with the steel cones. It is the most economical of all of the wheat grinders, ranging from $120-$130. If you already have a Bosch mixer and you are worried about the cost of a wheat grinder, this may be the one for you. I have a friend that has this one, too, and she says it works GREAT!

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