Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How do I juice my wheatgrass?

With a wheatgrass juicer. I believe you can also juice soft fruits and veggies with it, too, but you'll have to read the manual for the one you use. I've already told you about the benefits of wheatgrass juice, so we won't go into all that. Suffice it to say, I will be juicing wheatgrass and giving it to my kids...I'm sure they'll love it!!! (LOL)

So, juicing wheatgrass... First, you need to grow it out until it is at least 4-5 inches will look like long grass. You also need a considerable amount because you get very little juice out of the grass. I usually sprout 2 C of wheat. I put a layer of soil on a growing tray, sprinkle the sprouts and then cover them with more soil. I water 2-3 times a day so it stays moist and then each day, just wait for a little more green to appear. Eventually, I cut it (I use kitchen shears). Put it in the funnel of the wheatgrass juicer and turn the crank (if you have a manual juicer). Catch the juice in a container and drink it!!! You can also disguise it in a smoothie...which I think is the route we'll have to go to get my kids to drink it...

Wheatgrass juicers range from a low end of $35-$40 to thousands of dollars. If you are interested, search the internet and you can find one!!! Good luck and happy juicing!!!

P.S. One of my old family friends was saying how he hated wheatgrass as a kid, but that they never got sick as kids. There were six of them. He said if they did get something it was gone in two days, tops. He said he still doesn't get sick. He said, and I quote, "So, maybe there is something to the thick green liquid that tastes like my front lawn." I thought that was pretty funny...and informative!!!

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