Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun for the Whole Family Involving Whole Wheat!!!

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My friend Tifani inspired this fun activity involving whole wheat. I bet you didn't know you could use whole wheat for your family fun.

I designate one day a week to making my five loaves of bread for the week. Today was bread-making day. Now, how do I have my bread day AND make it a fun day that involves my kids. First of all, if you have a wheat will be amazed how much your kids love to put the wheat in, watch it disappear and then check the amount of flour it creates. My little three-year-old has been doing this for over a year and LOVES it. Then, you can let them help you add ingredients. Mix up your bread and then, as my friend Tifani did, let them knead the crud out of it! You will knead after they do...they will probably tire quickly...its kind of hard work. While the bread something else. Then bake it. While our bread was baking, we used whipping cream and put it into baby food jars. Then, the kids shook it until it got really thick. Eventually, it will separate, like the second picture, and you will have butter and leftover liquid. Pour out the liquid and you will be left with what looks like the first picture...your butter! Salt the butter and let the kids spread it on their hot bread (the third picture). My kids thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Thanks Tifani for all of your wonderful ideas!!!

P.S. Sorry about not getting to Bulgar this week. We'll start making Bulgar wheat on is a 2-day process, but all you need is wheat, so there is no real prep.

I've decided to post on Saturdays, but not, I'll see you tomorrow!!!

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  1. I am going to do this. This is a great activity for active kids....not that I have three boys or anything....THANKS!!