Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This product, completely unrelated to my business, is quite amazing. We have already discussed the amazing properties of wheatgrass...want to try it out? I'm not talking about growing it yourself (although as soon as I teach you how to sprout...we are going to grow it!). I'm talking about a cool product that freeze-dries the wheat grass and puts it into nifty little vegetable capsules. Does it taste great...no. Does it taste better than real juiced wheatgrass...yes. I have a week's worth of packets with 2 capsules in each packet that I am going to send to one of my followers...here is the catch...you have to leave at least one comment...anywhere...to be in the drawing! Good luck! The drawing will be on Friday night!!!


  1. I'm leaving another comment. Just for good measure. Can't wait to learn more about sprouting wheat...and the muffins you talked about your kids fighting over.

  2. I am enjoying reading your blog. I wouldn't mind trying wheat grass. I am excited to learn about sprouting wheat. Emily Price

  3. Sounds yummy!! I can now tell Scott that there is someone who eats healthier than us...he doesn't think so. Although, now that I'm getting all of this great whole wheat info from you...he's going to love it!