Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Option

For about $15, you can go buy a sprouter from a health-food store. I use the Sprout Master brand. You can get them on Amazon used for 12.95...not too bad. Why use a sprouter? You can sprout a lot more and it is a lot easier. As you can see there is a bottom tray that props up the sprouts so they drain easily. The bottom of the sprouter is perforated, to allow drainage. The top stays on to keep the sprouts dark.

If you don't want to buy a sprouter...that's fine...the jar works well, too. It won't yield quite as many sprouts, but is great for learning how to do it and will give you enough for your family AND gives you enough for the recipe I will give you after we sprout!!! If you don't know if you'll even like sprouts...DON'T go buy a sprouter yet...wait to see how you like them first! Remember...Sunday is the day!!!

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