Monday, April 26, 2010

Methods of Preparing Whole Wheat Flour

There are many ways to prepare whole wheat flour. I was lucky enough to receive a wheat grinder for a birthday, so that is how I attain my flour. However, there are many ways to get whole wheat flour if you don't have a wheat grinder. This is an excerpt from my book:

Preparation of Whole Wheat Flour

Purchase from store:
If you do not have a wheat grinder, you can purchase whole wheat flour from the store in bulk. If you are using this type of whole wheat flour, you will need to sift it to get the same texture as freshly ground whole wheat.

Coffee grinders
You can grind wheat a cup at a time using a coffee grinder for an inexpensive, electric wheat grinder.

Hand grinder:
These are more difficult to use and more time-consuming than electric wheat grinders, but are definitely cheaper. These are available at kitchen supply stores and can also be purchased online.

Electric wheat grinder:
These are the most expensive, but definitely the easiest way to grind wheat. They also can be purchased at kitchen supply stores and online. BE SURE TO READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. My wheat grinder will jam up and stop if I don't turn it on before I put the wheat in.

Store your whole wheat flour in a sealed container in the refrigerator to keep it fresh longer. Smell it to make sure it is still good after storing. It can go rancid if stored too long. Try to use it sooner rather than later to make sure that the vitamins and minerals do not begin to break down.


  1. Great Blog! I'm excited to visit it often and learn new things!

  2. Thanks for all of that info!! I bought some gluten I just need to get some dough enhancer.

  3. Great! Good'll be amazed at how good it is!!! It truly makes ALL the difference. I've tried it without and ended up with rocks...the same recipe mind you. It is the difference between light and fluffy and dense bread...thanks for all your support guys!!!