Friday, August 10, 2012

Home-made McGriddles??? What???

 Alright, let me start this post by admitting children have eaten at McDonald's for breakfast...more than once...actually more than twice.  They have a Nana who treats them to breakfast at McDonald's on special occasions, and they LOVE it!!!  One of the things they love most are the McGriddles.  Many of you may be ignorant as to what a "McGriddle" actually is, so I'll give you a brief description.  They are tiny pancakes that have the syrup already baked inside of them so they can be hand-held.  They are very sweet, but leave you with a waxy film in your mouth (not really sure why and a little too scared to ask).  Anyway, my kiddos think they are divine.  Enter my problem...they are supremely unhealthy.  So, why do I want to make them so much?

1.  They are hand-held and thus can be carried out the door in a hurry (not that we are ever late)
2.  They are delicious
3.  These "McGriddles" are somewhat healthy, made with whole grains
4.  There is no sticky film in my mouth
5.  I can control the amount of syrup in their pancakes and they don't complain!!!

So, how do you do it?  Simple.  Pour out a small amount of batter (less than 1/4 C because they spread out when you add the syrup).  Drizzle syrup IMMEDIATELY in the more central area (it oozes out if you get it too close to the edge).  Let it bake and flip it over!

Go here for the recipe:

Nana's Whole Wheat Pancakes

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