Thursday, October 20, 2011

Witch's Brew

I got this idea from my sister and it is WONDERFUL! I took it to my daughter's classroom Halloween party and the kids went crazy over it. I'm going to be taking it again this year for my other daughter. Can't wait to see the response!!!

Witch's Punch

2 pkgs. green jello (dissolved in 4 C hot water)

1-64 oz. bottle of pineapple juice

2-2L sprite

6 scoops of lime sherbet (melted)

1 lb. dry ice

Add dissolved jello (cooled to room temperature), pineapple juice and sprite to a large kettle. Drizzle lime sherbet over the top. This will make a frothy punch. Place your kettle in a large bowl. Fill the outer bowl (surrounding the kettle) with dry ice and pour warm water over the dry ice. As you serve the punch, hold the cup down into the fog created by the dry ice and then hand a foggy cup of witch's brew to the kids…they love it!!!

Another here for directions to throw in a fake hand!

P.S. I'll be having a major sale on my cookbook over the holidays...stay tuned. If you know someone trying to convert to a whole-grain lifestyle, you won't want to miss this deal!!!

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