Monday, August 15, 2011

Mango Salad Continued...

Okay, thanks to my sister...the mango salad marathon goes on and on. She took these fabulous pictures for me of different ways she used this salad...each of which was fabulous and had its own unique twist and flavor. goes...the myriad of possibilities for the mango salad:

1. Mango Salad (in its original form)
2. Salsa for sweet pork burritos...I can give you that recipe if you want...they were AMAZING! My sister is quite the cook!
3. An additional item in a green salad...lettuce, veggies, topped with mango salad. (By the way...that dressing is home-made cilantro-lime dressing...yes, its to die for...want the recipe??? Just let me know!)

4. An additional item in a grilled chicken salad many salads can you reuse this many times??? This is the ultimate Flip-Flop recipe!!!

Note: If you are wondering why I don't have my sister take all of my pictures for me instead of the pitiful attempts I make to photograph my own food...the answer is I DON'T KNOW! I'm wondering the same thing!


  1. WHATEVER! I shot those in AUTO. Thanks though, you are sweet Sueann. I love how you try to give all the credit to everyone else. As if you do not try every recipe a million times to get it just right. You are too funny!
    "The Sister"

    By the way, I am craving your ham and beans it on your blog? I tried to call, but no luck. Call me when you can.

  2. Amy, you are so really do make me laugh out loud...not just the LOL kind. You really do take much better pictures than I do...and you are an amazing cook! The recipe is on my blog a few weeks back. It is pretty vague...but then, so is the recipe! I never measure any of it. It is all by its a little different every day!