Monday, January 17, 2011

Whole Wheat Waffle Calorie Count

So, for the Deliciously Light Whole Wheat Waffles, found on page 21 of my cookbook, the calorie count per waffle (if you make six with the recipe) is only 244. If you use 2 T of light maple syrup (Great Value brand) it is only 50 calories. If you really want to splurge and use 1/4 C, it is 100 calories. So, for a waffle with 2 T syrup (a breakfast I would have thought was outside the realms of my dieting scope,) there are only 294...about 300 calories...hmmm, that is something I can handle!!! Knowing how many calories are in the food sure does help make healthy decisions. If you have my cookbook, be sure to scribble in the calories in the margins on the page. Yum...

P.S. this recipe is also found under Breakfast Foods on this blog...

Oh, by the way...I am 2 pounds down...getting rid of that holiday padding!!!

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