Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Ideas...

Wondering about gifts you can give someone who has everything? Hmmm...let me help. There is always my cookbook, which is on sale right now. However, I also wanted to say something about my three favorite machines. First of wheat grinder. I have the Wonder Mill and it is FABULOUS! I absolutely love it! It grinds wheat to either very fine pastry flour or coarser flour (which I use for my bread) in a matter of minutes. It is truly incredible. I also have a Bosch mixer, which I personally think is the most incredible mixer made. I use it for my breads, cookies, whipping marshmallows, etc. I have done reviews on each of these, which you should read over before making a selection. The last product that I find ABSOLUTELY the Blendtec Blender. I ground all of my candy for my marshmallows in this blender. I've made soups, cracked wheat, smoothies, etc. You can grind almost everything in this blender. I make green smoothies with this can actually grind carrots, kale, spinach, banana, etc., into a smooth, delicious smoothie. It is the most amazing blender I've ever used in my life. So...if you are thinking of Christmas gifts...give one of these incredible machines a try. They have the Suzie's Sweet Wheat stamp of approval!!!

Each of these machines can be purchased at or at

You can also go to the blendtec website at to purchase the blender.

Have fun and give yourself or someone else something you'll REALLY use this Christmas! By the way, I get NOTHING from any of these distributors...I simply want more people to use whole wheat and to really enjoy it!!!

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