Friday, October 1, 2010

Just for the Insiders

Zucchini Bisque....mmmmm

I know this one sounds kind of gross...but it is SO good!!! This is another way to use all that garden-fresh zucchini. I made this wonderful Zucchini Bisque...the recipe is in your cookbook on page 43. The fresh zucchini is such an "end of summer" flavor and I rarely get to taste it. In zucchini bread, you don't taste it, because when zucchini is kind of loses the "fresh" zucchini flavor, so this soup is one of the only recipes where you can really taste "fresh" zucchini. When you make it, add a little bit of salt to really make the flavors burst!!!

P.S. You don't HAVE to add the pureed wheat to it...but it makes it so much healthier...why not? I taught a class at Macey's last night and used the puree in the smoothies (in the back of your book) and people couldn't believe that you couldn't taste it. So, if you have the time, throw it in for some added fiber, B vitamins, and protein!!!

For the rest of you...I have some WONDERFUL fall recipes coming, so don't feel too left out. Of course, you could order a cookbook and become an insider, too!!!

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