Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, what is teff...never heard of it??? Neither had I. My mom was reading a book about Ethiopia and she knew of it because they eat teff in Ethiopia. Actually, they eat teff in Ethiopia, India and Australia. I found my teff in a health-food store. Teff is SO TINY! I have shown you a comparison of the teeny tiny grains of teff compared to a grain of wheat...pretty small, huh??? However, this minute little grain is mainly composed of the bran and the germ...wait a minute...what do we know about the bran and the germ. I covered this a long time ago...this is where almost ALL the nutrients are!!! Oh...and teff is another gluten-free grain. We now have teff, quinoa, millet, and buckwheat. So, for your gluten-intolerant friends...these are good things to share.

Okay, so how about the nutritional information for teff...it is AWESOME! It is high in protein and fiber. In just one ounce of uncooked teff, there are 4 grams of protein and 2 grans of fiber. Teff is very high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, aluminum, barium, thiamin, and lysine.

So, how do you use it? You can cook it in water and put it in recipe. Grind it into flour and replace some of the flour in a recipe with teff flour. You can also use it to replace seeds, like sesame seeds, however, because they are so tiny, you would need to use double the amount of sesame seeds.

Teff is really cool and I just made some WONDERFUL pancakes out of it. I'll give you that recipe soon.

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  1. We love Teff. I use it for gluten free cooking.