Friday, August 27, 2010

Shaped Bread!

So, the kids are back in school and if your kids are anything like mine...everything matters... clothes, backpacks, even lunches. Here is a cute idea that my kids loved and it doesn't take any extra time (if you already make your own bread that is). These are bread tubes and you bake your bread in them and your bread comes out in cute shapes. The ones I have found are flowers, hearts and stars. You can find them online. There are some available on ebay, just type in bread tubes in google and go from there. You can also find them on Amazon (the link is below). You have to follow the instructions carefully so they don't stick. This means greasing AND flouring the tubes and be sure you don't overstuff the tubes with bread I said before follow the instructions carefully. Anyway, they make the cutest sandwiches in the world and my kids LOVE them!

I just ordered the star and the heart. How cute are these for holidays???

Pampered Chef no longer sells them, but as I said, you can get them on ebay and on Amazon...while you're at my book!!! Norpro has the set of three...the heart, star and flower. They are just so fun!!!

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