Monday, July 5, 2010

A Review of Bread Pans

I decided to do a review of different bread pans. Originally, I believed it didn't really matter what bread pan you used to bake your bread and really, you CAN make great bread without great bread pans. However, I have found that it does make a difference in how EASY it is to make that great bread. Before I do this review, I'll have you know, I do not currently own great bread pans, but I have borrowed from my friends and my mom and I have their reviews of the pans. I have used their bread pans and found that they really do make a difference.

Review #1: The Chicago Metallic Commercial Bread Pan

My friend Sara, who makes AMAZING bread, wrote this review:

She begins by quoting Melanie from
Melanie said, "I have a specific loaf pan that I absolutely swear by: The Chicago Metallic Commercial Bread Pan. I’ve done side-by-side baking comparisons with my other non-stick loaf pans, dark loaf pans, glass loaf pans, and hands down, every time the Chicago Metallic pans turn out a perfect loaf. The edges don’t get burned, the bread slides out perfectly without leaving crusty remnants, and they are heavy and durable. Love them. I use the standard 1-pound loaf pan (which is the equivalent to the 9X5-inch loaf pan)."

Sara then states in her own words, "My mother happens to use Chicago Metallic loaf pans and loves them. After noticing than Melanie loves them too, I decided these were the pans for me. It is true that the bread slides out perfectly and the edges don't get burned so you don't have a thick crust, just a very nice thin crust. A nice variety of Chicago Metallic and AMCO loaf pans can be seen at this link:

I chose the AMCO food service pullman pan which is probably a 1 1/2 lb. loaf pan. It measures 13x4x4. I like how my bread slices are not very wide, just four inches. They fit a Kraft Single on them just perfectly! The loaf is also very long, 13 inches which fits nicely in the long bread bags that can be purchased at Kitchen Kneads in Ogden in a pack of 100. The loaf fills up the bag! The entire line of Chicago Metallic loaf pans are wonderful. FYI, AMCO is the same company as Chicago Metallic.

By the way...I have eaten Sara's bread and it is true, the top crust is nice and golden brown while the bottom is a soft, light color, creating a thin, delicious crust. It looks like the 1 lb. loaf pan is 11.99 and the 1 1/2 lb. loaf pan is 15.50. The photo shows a normal bread pan next to one of her AMCO 1 1/2 lb. pans. By the way, these are both eligible for free Super Saver shipping on Amazon. Oh...and they are dishwasher safe!!!

Review #2 - Doughmakers

My friend Jen, who is an amazing baker, has bought the Doughmakers bread pans. I have borrowed them and they really are as great as she says.

Here is Jen's review of the Doughmakers bread pans. She says, "They don't rust and they bake evenly. I have never had a problem with bread sticking to the pans. You do have to avoid spray oils, like Pam and you have to hand wash them. They run about 12.99 to 14.99 per pan." If you want the larger pans,

I have used Jen's pans and I noticed that the bread is a light color on the bottom, while the top is golden brown. The crust is soft and thin, very similar to the Chicago Metallic Commercial Bread pans. They also have handles, which are very nice when removing hot bread from an oven.

Kitchen kneads sells these bread pans:, but you can order them directly from Amazon as well

Review #3 Norpro Professional Essentials bread pan

I borrowed these from my mom. She was told they were I decided to try them out. These are darker in color and therefore, produce a darker crust. I used them today and I can write my own review on these.

The bread did not stick AT ALL! It just popped right out. Although the crust was a little darker, it was still thin and soft. The bread was delicious.

The big benefit of this bread pan besides the fact that the bread doesn't stick is that they are only 7.99!!! Kitchen kneads sells these as well:

Can you make great bread without awesome bread pans YES! I do it all the time!!! I have old bread pans that cost a few bucks. it easier to make great bread with good bread pans...yes because the bread doesn't stick to the pans as much and the crust is softer, thinner, and with the lighter pans...lighter in color. You don't get the "crusty" flavor that so many people, including my children, are opposed to. You may just find that your "crust-haters" don't hate the crust when you use good bread pans. For now, I do not have the money to go out and get all new bread pans...but I am going to place new bread pans on my wish list!!!

By the way...I have some really great recipes keep on checking!!!
Note: Wait a few days to order my cookbook. I found one minor mistake and I'm going to fix it. See post below. I know I am a little too much of a perfectionist...but oh well. I should have the proof in a few days, so just watch for a post giving you the go-ahead!!!

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