Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I told you there were variations coming to the brownies...only cook these if you are going to a large function or you will eat them all! They are so family and friends LOVE them! Adding the chopped chocolate chips will make them take longer to bake, but they are so good, it is worth it!

Melt-in-Your Mouth Caramel Brownies

Ooey Gooey Not So Wheaty Brownies
2-3 rolls chocolate covered soft caramel candies (like Rolos)

Follow instructions for Ooey Gooey Not So Wheaty Brownies and bake as directed. After baking time has finished, immediately press one soft chocolate covered caramel into hot brownies evenly spaced every 4-5 inches (should be about four per per brownie). This will be about 2-3 rolls of candy. Let cool and then dish out and serve...yum!!!.

1 C chocolate chips (adding these will make it take a little longer to bake)
chopped nuts (as many as you wish)
2 more packs chocolate covered soft caramels (chopped)
3 oz. chocolate chips melted with 1-2 T butter and enough powdered sugar to get your desired sweetness(I use about ¼ - ½ C) Add 1-2 T hot water if need to reach drizzling consistency)

Chop chocolate chips and fold in to brownie mix before baking. After
baking, top with chopped nuts and 2 more packs of chopped chocolate covered caramels, Drizzle desired amount of melted chocolate chips all over for an extra rich dessert!

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